Parenting Coaching


… you aren’t a good enough parent?
… nothing seems to work?
… nobody is listening to your requests?
… screaming is the only way to get through the day?
… your relationship with your child (or children) isn’t what it once was?
… lacking connection with your child?
… family life is too serious –  laughter and joy are missing?
… failing as a parent?
… parenting not the experience you expected?

Nodding to any of the above? Then Parenting Coaching is for you!

Being a parent is the most challenging  job we have, especially because nobody has taught us how to be a parent.

It is true that these days we have way more resources,  books, and specialists than ever before  – and still, it is a very personal journey for you and for your child. And if you have more than one child, you know that what works for one does not necessarily work for the other. Each of your relationships is different, each of your children is different and unique … just like you.

Since I was exposed to Gozamm with its Parentology course, Dr. Shefali and CTI Leadership I became aware of how much we need to clean up our “OWN SHIT” when raising our children. It is so easy to blame our children for their behavior and personality, label them for being challenging, rather than looking within ourselves. I am a strong believer of Conscious Parenting, a new approach that shifts the focus away from the child to the parents inner working.

By being CURIOUS about what is going on within you when engaging with your children, your CONSCIOUSNESS awakens and with it the CHOICE of discovering new ways to relate to your children.

I could keep writing and writing about this topic and if you heard me speaking right now you would listen to the change in my voice and hear my excitement, energy, commitment, and passion. From this place of energy, knowledge, love, and compassion our coaching comes in. Through guided conversations, and the space and trust we create, we will focus on your parent inner transformation.


Together we will identify where you are today, what your goals are, and what needs to shift to have the relationship you want with your children.

We will either talk in person, on the phone or per video conference.
We’ll have three 45-minute calls a month so you can practice what you’ve learned at home in between.
Engagements last at least 4 months and can go on for as long as needed.
Unlimited email communication in between our sessions for ongoing support.

I will coach you to find your own answers, mentor you through my own professional experience and train you with skills, tools, assessments, and resources.

“Consciousness isn’t a magical quality… it’s a state that emerges as part of the process.”
– Dr. Shefali, The Conscious Parent