Life Coaching


How do I …

…know what makes me unique?

…know what my strengths are and how to step into them?

…know what’s next in my life?

…make the life I imagine become the life I have?

…create work-life balance?

…make a difference in this world?

…not leave myself behind when taking difficult job or family decisions?

Do you feel…

…you have done everything you thought you wanted in life and feel unhappy?

…you are supposed to be satisfied with what you have created in your life and you aren’t?

…your life is just a get up, go through the day and repeat?

…your life is lacking on meaning and purpose?

…the need to recreate, redesign or reorganize your life?

…you are ready to reinvent yourself and become the very best version of you?

Then Life Coaching is for you!
Contact me, I will work with you towards a new path of
curiosity, consciousness, and choice.

We know we can’t plan our lives as too many uncertainties show up constantly on our way – and we all know we don’t have only one solution to our lives. Together, we will learn skills and tools and access your inner wisdom to create the life you want. By learning to be curious about yourself, explore and play with what you discover, conscious of your dysfunctional beliefs, habits, strengths and what really energizes you, we can choose to redesign and recreate your life focusing on the journey. So…


Jump on the Ride With Me!

By your side I will guide our conversations so you can take the driver’s seat, experience your freeing ride and
take charge of where your adventure will go.

We will either talk in person, on the phone or per videoconference.
We’ll have 2 one hour calls a month.
Engagements last at least 4 months and can go on for as long as needed.
Unlimited email communication in between our sessions for ongoing support.

I will coach you to find your own answers, mentor you with my experience and train you with skills, tools, assessments, and resources.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
– Maya Angelou