Leadership Coaching

Learn to better enjoy your daily professional life and become a stronger leader through targeted executive/leadership coaching

Frustration at work, feeling drained, feeling looked over? Make them a thing of the past. Together, we’ll target your key concerns and grow the leadership and management skills you need to improve not only your quality of work life, but to help you forge a path to your ultimate professional goals.

Whether it’s managing up, managing down, managing sideways – or all three – a large part of your success at work depends on your interpersonal management skills. In our sessions, we’ll strategize where your personal strengths and weaknesses in this area lie, what beliefs and habits may be standing in your way, how you can build your knowledge and skills to create a more positive work experience, and how to improve your professional relationships without sucking up or giving up who you truly are.

We’ll also cover ways to effectively make yourself more visible in your organization, improve your presentation and strategizing skills, and make sure you have the tools to help you become a better leader, an integral part of the team, and most of all – a happier professional.

What to Expect:

• We will identify and clarify your goals and design a plan and actions to achieve them.
• Learn new skills and tools through professional assessments and resources.
• Find your own answers as you’re mentored through Claudia’s professional experience
• Your choice:  Coaching in person, by phone, or via video conference (Zoom, Skype)
• Two one-hour session calls a month
Engagements last at least 6 months, and can continue as desired.
• Unlimited email communication in between our sessions for ongoing support.

“Awareness precedes change.” – Robin Sharma